2 thoughts on “5/10/22 Workshop – A Poem by Virginia Drda

  1. Marty Parks

    Dear Ginny,
    Thank you so much for your lovely poem and your reading of it. I lost my mother in 2017 and your poem resonated the many varied, complex feelings and emotions I have felt the past few years. It was also so beautifully crafted. The way you combined the whimsey of a nursery rhyme and the sober reality of fact was absolutely brilliant. Thank you again.

    • Dear Marty,
      Thanks so much for writing! I’m moved to hear how the poem resonated with you, and spoke to the complex feelings of losing your mother. I’m honored to know that it touched you in this way.
      I love how you describe the combined “whimsy of a nursery rhyme and the sober reality of fact” in the poem – so well said, and adds even more meaning!
      Thank you!

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