1/24/24 Workshop – A Poem by Wing Tek Lum

Wing Tek Lum


Warmup Image:

Co-constructed poem:

a tree in winter
A tree without leaves—-a winter tree
graceful trunk, twigs with the promise of hope sprouting
craggy branches
The tree's life is being challenged by weather. But it thrives.
Veil, interweaving of delicacy and strength
The skeleton of the tree. A winter view


Plum Blossoms by Wing Tek Lum

Cold mountain winds scour the valley.
A hush descends upon the hard earth,

betraying no tears.
The gaunt plum hugs the river.

Its branches, shorn of leaves,
reach out like stark cries

in the Winter night, a spider’s agony.
Yet nubs of blossoms

nudge through the crinkled bark
on one twig, then another.

Buds nestle in crooks and crevices,
white as frost, grudging smiles,

a compassion nourished from within,
seeking air, seeking light.


Reflective writing prompt:
Write about the harbingers of Spring.