8/2/22 Workshop – A Poem by Chen Yun

                     Summer – Chen Jun

The swinger the swirler the swirled: stop grieving.

I drink all night but in a diminishing appetite.

The scene outside is obscene from a humbling window.

My sentiment spreads, my famine a flagpole, a grizzle.

Birds sing next year’s songs, or antique rescues.

I write but where shall I send it?

Let go — I shall go tie the flowers the leaves the whole orchard.

The outskirts are curved, shadows of countrywoman donors    …

You bring me a cup of fresh tea that I love,

I return you two kapok leaves — like hand waves.


Reflective writing prompt:

Write about letting go.

3 thoughts on “8/2/22 Workshop – A Poem by Chen Yun

  1. Elizabeth

    (This was inspired by tonight’s poem and by comments made by Catherine Imbriglio at other sessions and, of course, life.)

    Here we are…
    Trying to figure it all out again
    Even trying to figure it out a little bit
    I don’t have to
    I don’t need to
    I can let it go

    • Thanks Elizabeth.Ginny and I were both surprised how this piece and the prompt, letting go, touched people. Your piece reminds me of the struggle we have within ourselves to let things go. How can one live without regrets? I wish I knew. Tony

  2. Elizabeth

    Thanks, Tony. I think letting go at times is a challenge for all of us. Actually, I loved when we had the session with Catherine because she demonstrated how what she writes does not always lend itself to analysis and that was very freeing for me. Even though we are constantly analyzing and trying to figure things out in narrative medicine(and life), it is good to learn how not to pressure ourselves to do so.

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