Featured Simulationist Writer-Tim Dotson

This Damn House by Tim Dotson

I’m so tired of being in this house

I don’t know what I’m gon do

Staying home and social distancing

Let’s me know

The person you can’t escape is you

There I am in the kitchen

Eating up all the snacks

Here I am in the living room

On Zoom

getting video bombed by my cats

There I go in the bedroom

On my sixth season of the same show

I’m scared to have company

…Cause uh …you know

I wash the car and cut the yard

Anything to go outside

Call people I haven’t seen in years

Anything to socialize

I don’t know if I’m more afraid of being a victim or a suspect

As I hide behind my mask

But i vow to do my part to put this time in the past

Sending love to the people considered essential

All the front line healthcare workers

Your bravery and self sacrifice

Is so monumental

To all the lives lost to this tragic disease

Strength to all remaining friends and family

No time to split ourselves into sections

We have one chance to get it right

Humanity needs us to unite

This is…the fight for our life


Tim Dotson is a Standardized/Simulated Patient Trainer

The University of Tennessee Health Science Center
Center for Healthcare Improvement and Patient Simulation (CHIPS)
Memphis, TN 38163

One thought on “Featured Simulationist Writer-Tim Dotson

  1. Maria Bajwa

    I usually don’t understand poetry. However, this poem touched my heart. I could feel this person’s pain as I see it happening to almost everyone around me.
    He spoke true and with heart!

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